Mavericks Trade For Celtics’ Robert Williams III In Bold Proposal

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Everyone hates injuries. NBA players hate them, NBA teams hate them, and NBA fans hate them. Unfortunately, they’re a part of professional sports. 

Still, they’re a bigger part of sports for some players compared to others. The NBA is full of players who are known injury risks. It isn’t their fault. No player wants to get injured. Still, where a player is known to get hurt, it depreciates their trade value. 

The Boston Celtics are surely well aware. Robert Williams III is a major injury risk. By now, the Celtics must know that if they were to trade him, they wouldn’t get market value. Still, if the team decided that they wanted to move on and acquire a more reliable player, they couldn’t be blamed. Could they send Williams III to the Dallas Mavericks? 

The Trade Proposal 

Boston Celtics Receive: F/C Maxi Kleber, 2027 First-Round Pick (DAL) 
Dallas Mavericks Receive: F/C Robert Williams III 

Meanwhile, the discourse around player injuries is odd. The media has a tendency to blame players for their inability to stay healthy. These guys are paid big bucks. They owe their team availability – don’t they? 

It isn’t that simple. Part of why professional athletes are so well paid is for the fact that they put their bodies to the limit. These men do things that very few human beings on the planet can do. It is difficult. Meanwhile, every human body is built differently. Robert Williams III’s ability to jump at his size is incredible, but his body won’t allow him to do it on a routine basis. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Robert Williams III, Boston Celtics & Dallas Mavericks Updates

This rant was inspired by recent comments from an NBA…analyst…Stephen A. Smith claimed that he’d heard Lonzo Ball couldn’t stand. Ball proved that he could. Smith unleashed a tirade in response, seemingly chastising Ball for being unable to stay on the floor. We suspect that Ball would if he could – and so would Williams III. Should the Mavericks take a risk on him regardless of his injuries? 

Why The Dallas Mavericks Do The Deal 

This is a risk for Dallas. That much is obvious. Still, the potential reward is enormous. If the man known as Time Lord can improve his health, he could revolutionize this team. 

In some respects, Williams III is the archetypical modern big man. He’s an elite rim protector who can also defend in space. Williams can guard across positions. Offensively, he’s a strong pick-and-roll finisher with some surprising passing chops. He’ll compliment Luka Doncic perfectly, and then some. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Robert Williams III, Boston Celtics & Dallas Mavericks Updates

What are the Mavericks losing? An aging Kleber and a first-round pick. Yes, an unprotected first is a substantial investment. Still, if Dallas feels like taking a risk, this could be the move that puts them over the top as serious title contenders. Should the Celtics help them make that move? 

Why The Boston Celtics Do The Deal 

Kleber may be aging, but he’s still younger than Al Horford. The Celtics have already taken measures to revitalize their frontcourt this summer. Kristaps Porzingis was a major acquisition. Are they necessarily done? 

It’s hard to say. The Celtics could go to war with the troops that they have. Yet, between Porzingis, Williams III and Horford, there is very little certainty. The first two are injury-prone, and Horford is old. This deal has the Celtics taking the opposite approach from Dallas – they’re playing it safe. Kleber is the worst player of this bunch, but he’s solid and reliable. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Robert Williams III, Boston Celtics & Dallas Mavericks Updates

Meanwhile, adding a first-round pick is always a benefit. The Celtics will likely use this pick in a trade in due time. Adding one more asset to their collection will put them in the running for bigger moves. That’s huge – this team is already a contender if everyone can stay healthy. 

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