Celtics Trade For Bucks’ Jrue Holiday In Bold Proposal

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With so much talent in the NBA, teams have options when they’re building a contender. They can identify the areas that they want to be strong in, and build around them. Still, there are limits to a team’s strength. The salary cap ensures that a team can’t stockpile superstar talent at every position. So, general managers have choices to make. 

The Boston Celtics have chosen to build around wings. Sure, Jaylen Brown plays the 2 – but he’s one of the biggest 2s in the NBA. The Celtics have built their offense around wing play. In terms of bigs and guards, they’ve prioritized defense above all else. 

Meanwhile, the Milwaukee Bucks have made similar choices. Defense comes first in Milwaukee. The Bucks are unique – they’ve got five-out spacing, but outside Khris Middleton, they don’t have an elite shooter. With that in mind, Jrue Holiday’s inconsistent shooting has posed problems for them in the past. Could they send him to the Celtics? 

The Trade Proposal 

Milwaukee Bucks Receive: G Derrick White, F/C Al Horford, G Payton Pritchard, 2029 First-Round Pick (Swap – BOS) 
Boston Celtics Receive: G Jrue Holiday 

A team may have options. They still need to choose wisely. The stakes are high. After all, an NBA championship window won’t stay open for long. Meanwhile, you’ve only got to win one to change perceptions about your team. 

Take the Bucks. They won the 2021 NBA championship. As a result, general manager Jon Horst may have a lifetime position. The Bucks had a tremendously disappointing season last year, but they’re still seen as winners. The Bucks are champions, and nobody can take that from them. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Jrue Holiday, Milwaukee Bucks & Boston Celtics Updates

Meanwhile, this iteration of the Celtics hasn’t gotten there yet. They’ve gotten close – the Celtics made the NBA Finals last season, and the Eastern Conference Finals last year. Still, the Celtics won’t be afforded the same grace as the Bucks until they conquer their demons. Would trading for Holiday help them get there? 

Why The Boston Celtics Do The Deal 

The Celtics are getting the best player in this deal – full stop. Holiday is one of the best defensive guards in the NBA. His only competition for that distinction is Alex Caruso and Marcus Smart. Meanwhile, he clears each as an offensive player. 

He clears White in that regard as well. Holiday can create his own shot in half-court sets, and he’s a solid playmaker as well. Sure, his shooting is inconsistent. The Celtics, compared to the Bucks, can live with that. They’re built around more shooting between Tatum, Brown and Kristaps Porzingis. This should work. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Jrue Holiday, Milwaukee Bucks & Boston Celtics Updates

It’s a bold decision. If the Celtics are struggling by 2029, and the Bucks aren’t, they could live to regret this decision. Still, it’s a risk worth taking. Holiday is a large upgrade for this contending team. Should the Bucks help the Celtics upgrade their roster? 

Why The Milwaukee Bucks Do The Deal 

The logic here is fairly simple. White is a better shooter than Holiday. He’s not a lethal three-point threat, but he’s more consistent. That’s the main reason that the Bucks would do this deal. 

White is also an outstanding defender in his own regard. Granted, he’s a downgrade compared to Holiday, but the trade-off in shooting should be worthwhile. With that said, Pritchard is a much better shooter than either. He’d be a great addition to this team’s rotation. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Jrue Holiday, Milwaukee Bucks & Boston Celtics Updates

So would Al Horford. Unless he suffers from significant age-related decline, he could render Bobby Portis expendable in a trade. The Bucks improver their depth here, and the fit of their roster as well. This is an option they should at least consider. 

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