Raptors Trade For Cavaliers’ Donovan Mitchell In Bold Proposal

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In the modern NBA, star players change teams more quickly than ever before. They’re empowered to select the squad of their preference. Players demand trades for all sorts of reasons, and teams are forced to accommodate them. 

It can be difficult to update our perception accordingly. When a star player lands on a team, we expect them to stay there for a few years. That’s how it’s always been. It’s not how it is anymore. A player may only be on a team for a reason before trade rumors begin to circulate. 

Take Donovan Mitchell of the Cleveland Cavaliers. He just wrapped up his first season in Cleveland. Somehow, there’s already trade speculation. It’s been rumored that Mitchell is interested in playing in a larger market than Cleveland. Would Toronto satisfy him? 

The Trade Proposal 

Cleveland Cavaliers Receive: F O.G. Anunoby, F/C Chris Boucher, F Otto Porter Jr., 2026 First-Round Pick (TOR), 2028 First-Round Picks (TOR) 
Toronto Raptors Receive: G Donovan Mitchell 

So, star players control their own destiny more than ever. As a result, teams are more willing to move them. In today’s league, general managers won’t accept mediocrity. Either they’re in title contention, or they’re ready to move a star. 

Take the Raptors. Pascal Siakam has issued no trade request. In fact, most reports suggest that he’s loyal to the Raptors. Yet, it’s widely speculated that the Raptors are considering moving Siakam anyway. Can you blame them? 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers & Toronto Raptors Updates

The Raptors are stuck in the middle. This core is not going to contend for an NBA title. Many have suggested that, as a result, they ought to look to the future and build around Scottie Barnes. One could certainly make that case. Could the Raptors take a different course of action?

Why The Toronto Raptors Do The Deal 

If this deal was on the table, the Raptors would have to at least consider it. Mitchell is exactly what they’ve been missing in recent years. This team has been starved for a guard who can create his own shot in half-court sets on a consistent basis. 

Meanwhile, they can spare a wing. Granted, some will argue that Anunoby isn’t the wing to spare. He’s the purest 3-and-D on this roster. Sure – that’s why the Cavaliers would want him too. Anunoby is the ultimate complimentary player. The Raptors still don’t need him as badly as they need a player like Mitchell. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers & Toronto Raptors Updates

Where does a core of Mitchell, Siakam, Barnes, and Jakob Poeltl get Toronto? We’re not sure – but we’re willing to bet it gets them into the playoffs. If these players click, this group would have a fairly high ceiling. If Toronto has reservations about blowing up their roster, trading for a star like Mitchell is something to consider. Should the Cavaliers give Mitchell up? 

Why The Cleveland Cavaliers Do The Deal 

For the Cavaliers, this comes down to their own internal intelligence. If they feel that they’ve got a good shot at retaining Mitchell, they may pass on this deal. On the other hand, they may have to consider it in any event. 

After all, the Cavaliers have Darius Garland. He’s an elite playmaker who can create his own shot as well. Like the Raptors, the Cavaliers are diversifying their roster here. They’re adding one of the best 3-and-D wings in the NBA at the expense of an elite offensive guard, and they already have another great offensive guard on their roster. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers & Toronto Raptors Updates

Of course, the Cavaliers wouldn’t flip Mitchell for Anunoby alone. That’s why they’re adding two quality rotation players as well. Boucher and Porter give them some depth. Throw in a pair of first-round picks, and the Cavaliers would have to consider this deal. You can’t rely on a star player to stay in town these days. 

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