3 Bold Trade Proposals Cleveland Cavaliers Must Consider

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Roster balance is a consideration for every NBA team. Sure, you need talent. You also need talent that plays well together. Plenty of teams have made the mistake of trying to stack talented players who don’t complement each other. 

Do the Cleveland Cavaliers have roster balance? Arguably, they do not. This team has a lot of talent, but they also have valid concerns about how they’re constructed. 

Do Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley space the floor well enough to co-exist? Are Donovan Mitchell and Darius Garland too small to share a backcourt? There are questions about this team. In all likelihood, the Cavaliers will seek answers this summer. Here are three trades they should consider in the process. 

Trade No. 1 – Acquire Keldon Johnson From San Antonio Spurs 

San Antonio Spurs Receive: C Jarrett Allen 
Cleveland Cavaliers Receive: G/F Keldon Johnson 

Questions about the Cavaliers’ frontcourt are interesting. They reflect some deeper questions about NBA basketball in general. Are twin tower lineups making a comeback, or are they antiquated? 

Realistically, the answer is circumstantial. Doubling down on height can be a benefit, especially if one of your big men has quick feet. With that said, one of your bigs should be a knockdown shooter. In this year’s playoffs, the Cavaliers’ lack of spacing was an issue.

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Cleveland Cavaliers, Keldon Johnson & San Antonio Spurs Updates

Will Victor Wembanyama be a knockdown shooter? The Spurs don’t know yet. Still, they’re apparently looking for a big man to pair with Wembanyama. This deal has them landing one, and it’s got the Cavaliers landing a wing to balance out their roster. 

Trade No. 2 – Send Donovan Mitchell To New York Knicks 

New York Knicks Receive: G Donovan Mitchell 
Cleveland Cavaliers Receive: G/F RJ Barrett, C Isaiah Hartenstein, G/F Quentin Grimes 2026 First-Round Pick (NYK), 2028 First-Round Pick (NYK), 2030 First-Round Pick (NYK)

On the other hand, the Cavaliers may have bigger concerns. Recently, it’s been suggested that Donovan Mitchell would not extend with the team. This is concerning. If the Cavaliers don’t stand a chance at retaining Mitchell, they could move him soon. 

What should they want in return? Well, a wing would be nice. Here, they’re landing two. Grimes can manage time at the 3, and it’s Barrett’s natural position. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Cleveland Cavaliers, Donovan Mitchell & New York Knicks Updates

Of course, Barrett has been inconsistent in his NBA career so far. That’s why the Cavaliers are landing three additional first-round picks here. They may not be interested in Hartenstein – he’s making the money work. The Knicks will be sad to lose him, but they’ve already got Mitchell Robinson, and acquiring Mitchell is well worth this price. 

Trade No. 3 – Acquire Royce O’Neale from Brooklyn Nets 

Brooklyn Nets Receive: G/F Isaac Okoro 
Cleveland Cavaliers Receive: G/F Royce O’Neale 

On the other hand, perhaps the Cavaliers don’t need to do anything drastic. They may benefit from some perspective. For what it’s worth, 2022-23 was their first full season with their current core. 

Why rush to blow it up? Allen and Mobley could be a dominant defensive duo. The Cavaliers need to get a read on the Donovan Mitchell situation, but if the rumors are more smoke than fire, there’s no pressing need to move him. Perhaps the Cavs only need to bolster their wing depth.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Cleveland Cavaliers, Royce O’Neale & Brooklyn Nets Updates 

That’s what they’re doing here. O’Neale is a sturdy 3-and-D wing with some solid connective passing chops to spare. Meanwhile, if the Nets have any interest in getting younger, taking a flier on Okoro makes sense. After all, they’ve got enough 3-and-D wings to spare without compromising their roster balance.

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