Celtics Trade For Knicks’ Mitchell Robinson In Bold Proposal

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In the NBA, it’s been said that the best ability is availability. It’s common sense. If a player is regularly injured, what value can he provide his team with? It doesn’t matter how talented they are if they can’t stay on the court.

With that in mind, it’s been a difficult road for Robert Williams III of the Boston Celtics. He just can’t seem to get healthy. It’s a shame. The man known as Time Lord is one of the most singular players in the NBA.

His ability to protect the rim and defend in space is rare. Yet, he can’t seem to stay on the floor, and the Celtics need to be contending. Could they flip him for Mitchell Robinson of the New York Knicks? 

The Trade Proposal 

New York Knicks Receive: F/C Robert Williams III, G Payton Pritchard, 2027 First-Round Pick (BOS)
Boston Celtics Receive: C Mitchell Robinson 

With that said, being available isn’t the only part of being an NBA player. There are other abilities that count. Meanwhile, some players come to feel that they aren’t being used to the best of their abilities. 

Robinson may be one of them. Some time ago, he took to social media to complain about his role on the Knicks. Robinson is one of the best defensive big men in the NBA. He’s also a strong pick-and-roll finisher. Yet, it seems as though he feels that he’s capable of more. 

NBA TRADE, NEWS & RUMORS: Mitchell Robinson, New York Knicks & Boston Celtics Updates

He may be. Still, it feels unlikely that Robinson will find a much larger role on a competitive team. If he was capable of shouldering one, he’d likely have earned it on the Knicks. In the meantime, the Celtics can’t offer him a larger role. Should they make a move for him anyway? 

Why The Boston Celtics Do The Deal 

Well, the Celtics may want some intel. If Robinson is dead set on expanding his role, they may want to avoid him. In fact, the Knicks would have to look to trade him to a rebuilding team. 

Is that what Robinson wants? Would he be content to put up big stats on a bad team? Something tells us that he wouldn’t be satisfied with that, either. Moreover, we suspect that playing for the NBA title would mean a lot to him. That’s exactly what he’d be doing in Boston. 

NBA TRADE, NEWS & RUMORS: Mitchell Robinson, New York Knicks & Boston Celtics Updates

Robinson may not be as reliable as Williams III when it comes to defending in space, but he’s still competent in that area. Meanwhile, he may be an even more impactful rim protector. With Robinson anchoring the defense and Kristaps Porzingis on the weak side, the Celtics should field a dominant defense. Should the Knicks allow them to put that duo together? 

Why The New York Knicks Do The Deal 

For the Knicks, this is a gamble. There’s a lot of risk here. With that said, the reward could be enormous. It all boils down to Williams III’s health. If he can string together a healthy season, he’s roughly equal to Robinson as a player.

So, the Knicks would be making a lateral move there – as well as adding a solid young backup point guard and an unprotected first. They’d be winning this trade by a long shot. 

NBA TRADE, NEWS & RUMORS: Mitchell Robinson, New York Knicks & Boston Celtics Updates

If Williams III gets hurt again? They’ll lose the transaction. Still, if Robinson is truly unhappy, there may be some merit in moving him anyway. This is a gamble, but it’s one worth making. Williams III would be a perfect replacement for Robinson – as long as he’s available. 

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