NBA Trades: Lakers Land Mavericks' JaVale McGee In Proposal

Lakers Trade For Mavericks’ JaVale McGee In Bold Scenario

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If you’re building an NBA defense, it’s easiest to start at the interior. That’s not to say the work ends there. It doesn’t. An elite defense will lean on perimeter stoppers as well as a rim protector. Still, the rim protector is the most fundamental building block. 

Why? Dunks and layups are the best shots in basketball. That will always be the case. No matter how many three-pointers modern teams attempt, they’ll take an open layup attempt over anything. 

Players like JaVale McGee of the Dallas Mavericks are well aware. In fact, he’s effectively made a career out of protecting the rim. Could he reunite with the Los Angeles Lakers this summer? 

The Trade Proposal

Dallas Mavericks Receive: F Taurean Prince
Los Angeles Lakers Receive: C JaVale McGee

This is a trade that would need to happen later in the offseason. Taurean Prince cannot be traded for three months after he signed with the Lakers.

Some may disagree. They’ll say that perimeter defense is most important. After all, it’s a perimeter-oriented league. Firstly, we’re not saying interior defense is most important. We’re saying that it’s the most fundamental component of an NBA defense. Allow us to explain. 

With a strong interior presence, it’s easier to close out three-pointers. Defenders don’t have to divide their attention between the perimeter and the interior. They know they’ve covered on the inside. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: JaVale McGee, Dallas Mavericks & Los Angeles Lakers Updates

Think about it. Interior defense is a one-man job. If the rim protector is out of position, there’s nobody to cover for him. With all of that being said, McGee hasn’t exactly been an elite interior defender for a couple of years. Should the Lakers really add him now? 

Why The Los Angeles Lakers Do The Deal 

Sure. After all, the cost they’re paying here is minimal. That’s not to say that a pair of second-round picks are worthless. Ironically enough, the Lakers showed us differently at this year’s deadline. They used second-round picks to target some veteran players that they wanted. 

On the other hand, that’s what they’re doing here. Will adding McGee be a game-changing move for them? No. Still, he remains a solid rim protector. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: JaVale McGee, Dallas Mavericks & Los Angeles Lakers Updates

Alongside Anthony Davis, he’s even better. When Davis is operating as a roamer, he doesn’t need an elite drop coverage defender behind him. McGee will do enough to deter shots, and the Lakers should be able to build an elite defense following this move. Why should Dallas let them? 

Why The Dallas Mavericks Do The Deal 

Rim protectors may be important. How many could one team need? The Mavericks are about to find out. This team acquired Richaun Holmes on draft night – and then they drafted Derrick Lively II. The Mavericks followed that up by resigning Norman Powell. 

Meanwhile, they’ve been linked to big men in free agency as well. All of which is to say this: the Mavericks have no need for JaVale McGee. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: JaVale McGee, Dallas Mavericks & Los Angeles Lakers Updates

Why not move him? Once again – second-round picks can be useful. The Mavericks may be thankful to have these picks down the line. After all, they’ve already got plenty of rim protection to build their defense around.      

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