Hornets Land Warriors’ Jordan Poole In Bold NBA Trade Scenario

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The Golden State Warriors have got problems. As fans and NBA observers, we’re not used to seeing this. 

Many of those problems are financial. The Warriors are about to hit the second apron of the luxury tax. Given how far this team looked from title contention in 2022-23, that’s a significant concern. 

Jordan Poole’s extension looms as a potential barrier. We don’t blame the Warriors for giving it to him. At the time, Poole’s star potential was unimpeachable. 

Now, it’s…peachable? Poole is certainly a dynamic shot creator. With that said, his instincts can get the better of him.

Sometimes, this is a player who’s more interested in making the flashy play than the right one. 

Could the Charlotte Hornets acquire him anyway?