Celtics Land Cavaliers’ Jarrett Allen In Bold NBA Trade Scenario

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The NBA is always evolving. Big men evolve as much as anyone else. For some time, it appeared as if they were a dying breed. That wasn’t the case.

In fact, plenty of teams today are running twin towers lineups again. With that said, those lineups need to have specific skill sets to work.

Offensively, at least one of your dual big men needs to be able to shoot. On defense, you need a rim protector, and a switch big. 

The Cleveland Cavaliers had the latter formula down pat. Jarrett Allen is an elite rim protector, and Evan Mobley can guard against any position on the floor.

Unfortunately, offensively, their combined shooting was a problem for them in the 2022-23 playoffs. 

Could they send Allen to the Boston Celtics this summer?