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Kyrie Irving is coming off a productive NBA season that began with the Brooklyn Nets but ended as a member of the Dallas Mavericks. If the trade was considered a trial run for both Irving and the Mavs, it’s safe to say Dallas did not just fail but did so miserably.

The Mavs went from being fourth in the Western Conference when Irving made his debut and speaking as though championship contention was possible immediately to ultimately being asked to sit on the bench in street clothes for the franchise to tank.

A 31-year-old that wants to win at a high level isn’t going to be happy with being asked to tank, especially when the first attempt from the franchise occurred long before they were mathematically eliminated. It wouldn’t be surprising to see him look around at his options.

Irving can re-sign with the Mavs in free agency on a five-year, $272.9 million contract. However, before being traded from the Nets, he sought a contract extension ‘in the neighborhood’ of a four-year, $198.5 million deal. He’s only been eligible to sign a two-year, $78.6 million extension until June 30 after being traded.

Whether Irving ultimately stays or departs from the Mavs, it’s mathematically set up for it to be a no-brainer to reach free agency. Here are three possible suitors for his services.

Phoenix Suns

For as great of an NBA career as he’s had and the impact on the Phoenix Suns that Chris Paul has made, it’s clear that he’s finally slowed down. Additionally, it has been difficult for him to finish playoff runs without impactful injuries for many years now.

The hard cap would quickly become an issue that needs creative navigation if the Suns were to get into the Irving pursuit. The flexible final two seasons of his contract could present somewhat of an opportunity, given that only $15.8 million of $30.8 million is guaranteed for 2023-24. In the following season, none of his salary is guaranteed.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Kyrie Irving, Dallas Mavericks & Phoenix Suns Updates

Deandre Ayton, who will earn roughly $32.5 million next season, could be a logical trade candidate in the offseason if needed. He is a helpful player, but the cost for his particular impact is rich. Would the Mavs be intrigued by a possible sign-and-trade?

Los Angeles Lakers

There are many decisions the Los Angeles Lakers face ahead in the offseason. The team turned around their season after making full use of the NBA trade deadline but will need to avoid becoming too attached if it means they can still improve. Adding a talent like Irving would be an example of how they can still improve.

D’Angelo Russell is showing during the Lakers’ first-round series against the Memphis Grizzlies that he is not the right answer in the backcourt. His recent comments suggest he is not happy with not being a point guard as opposed to being a ‘basketball player’ with Los Angeles. His lack of production after a strong start to his tenure has been concerning.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Kyrie Irving, Dallas Mavericks & Los Angeles Lakers Updates

It’s rare for a team to have the chance to add one of the most skilled players in the NBA. Irving would elevate the Lakers in needed ways, even if it required moving on from some of the players that were added midseason and have settled into helpful roles.

Dallas Mavericks

When the Dallas Mavericks traded for Kyrie Irving during the season, it was a move to find a needed co-star alongside Luka Doncic. In theory, simply adding a talent of that nature is a necessary step for the Mavs to achieve the ‘hard’ part of team building, which is finding foundational talents.

The problem for the Mavs is that adding superstar talents is about as much as they have done right. They relied on an unsustainable defense style with underwhelming personnel during their Western Conference Finals run, then failed to make subsequent moves after the Irving trade to help patch up an already significantly declined defense.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Kyrie Irving & Dallas Mavericks Updates

With all of that being said, the Mavs cannot afford to have traded for Irving, all for him to depart in free agency. They need to do what it takes to re-sign him, or else they become an even greater laughing stock at a time they already are getting daily reminders about Jalen Brunson.

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