Hawks Land Sixers’ Tobias Harris In Bold Trade Scenario

Tobias Harris, Atlanta Hawks, Philadelphia 76ers, NBA Trade Rumors
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The NBA’s rumor mill has a way of running wild. It’s nobody’s fault in particular.

There are simply many voices in a chorus that tells us what’s happening in the NBA. They can’t all be right at once. 

Sometimes, rumors are grounded in someone’s notion. Other times, they’re grounded in fact. Typically, we don’t know which it is until something actually happens. 

With that in mind, a lot of rumors surround the Philadelphia 76ers at the moment. Some have suggested that James Harden will bolt for the Houston Rockets if they don’t win a title.

Others have said that Joel Embiid will demand a trade. 

What if they just strengthened their roster by sending Tobias Harris to the Atlanta Hawks instead?