Lakers Land Raptors’ OG Anunoby In Bold Trade Scenario

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The NBA is about star players first and foremost. That doesn’t mean we should understate the importance of role players. 

In fact, some players just star in their role. They may not rack up All-Star appearances. On the other hand, their teams may view them as being just as valuable as players who do. 

For example, look at OG Anunoby of the Toronto Raptors. It’s been reported that the Raptors wouldn’t move him for less than three unprotected first-round picks.

That’s the type of package that a star player can return. 

Meanwhile, even a player like Jarred Vanderbilt of the Los Angeles Lakers has tremendous value. This is a guy who does the dirty work – it isn’t easy to replace a player like that. 

Could the Lakers send him to the Raptors as part of a package for Anunoby anyway?