Blazers Land Warriors’ Draymond Green In Bold Trade Scenario

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It’s one thing to want someone to do something. It’s a whole other thing to be willing to pay them. NBA teams should probably takes notes.

Let’s say you need your house painted. If you’ve got some friends who are willing to do it for free, you may let them. On the other hand, if they demand payment, you may prefer to seek professional help. 

The same principles hold in the NBA. Sometimes, a team trades a player that they actually like. Simply put, they just don’t want to pay him. 

The Golden State Warriors may find themselves in that position with Draymond Green soon.

As reliable of a defensive anchor as he’s been for them for a long time, he’s owed a contract extension soon. The Warriors may not be in an ideal position to give it to him. 

Would the Portland Trail Blazers?