3 Trades Rockets Could Make After Landing James Harden

James Harden, Houston Rockets, NBA Trade Rumors
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If you pay attention to the NBA’s rumor mill, you’ll hear some pretty crazy stuff. Lately, there have been especially strange whispers. 

Allegedly, James Harden is considering a reunion with the Houston Rockets this summer. To many, that won’t make sense.

Harden still hasn’t won a championship – unless the Sixers go all the way this year, why would he join one of the worst teams in the NBA? 

Who knows? Harden may have his own reasons. Perhaps his connection to the city runs that deep. He may have a personal reason that’s unknown to the public. It’s not our job to speculate. 

It is, on the other hand, our job to speculate on NBA trade possibilities. If Harden is returning to Houston, it wouldn’t be a shock to see the Rockets make some additional moves. 

Here are three we think they ought to consider.