Rockets Land Celtics’ Jaylen Brown In Bold Trade Scenario

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Why The Houston Rockets Do The Deal 

This deal rests on several factors for the Rockets. We’ve already touched on one. 

This rebuilding team should not move their first-round pick in this draft if it lands in the top 2. It would be malpractice to trade Victor Wembanyama for Jaylen Brown. Meanwhile, if they’re drafting Scoot Henderson, they probably shouldn’t reunite with Harden. 

That’s the second factor. The Rockets shouldn’t trade for Jaylen Brown unless they’re signing James Harden. So, let’s assume that Harden is returning, and the Rockets’ pick lands outside of the top-2.

Why not make a hard pivot into win-now mode? It’s not often that a team in the Rockets’ position has the opportunity to land a player like Harden.

It ought to change their outlook. If they’re going to give an aging superstar a max contract, they might as well shift into win-now move. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Jaylen Brown, Houston Rockets & Boston Celtics Updates

If Jalen Green can continue to develop, Jabari Smith Jr. can take a sophomore leap, and the Rockets can replace Sengun with a quality defensive big, this team could make a playoff push next season.

Should the Raptors help them do so?