Warriors Land Jazz’s Lauri Markkanen In Bold Trade Scenario

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As a general rule, rebuilding NBA teams are young. Some will argue that they need veterans to guide them.

Others will suggest that those veterans impede playing time for the team’s prospects.

No matter where you stand, one thing is clear – the most talked about players on a rebuilding team will be young players. 

What about players who are just entering their prime? Some will say that they’re ideal for a young team. Others will suggest that those players destroy lottery odds, and teams would be better off with more assets. 

For example, take Lauri Markkanen of the Utah Jazz. He’s had a breakout 2022-23 season. At the same time, his performance could have cost Utah a chance at a real franchise-altering talent. 

Could they trade him to the Golden State Warriors with that in mind next season?