Pistons Land Wolves’ Karl-Anthony Towns In Bold Trade Scenario

Karl-Anthony Towns, Detroit Pistons, Minnesota Timberwolves, NBA Trade Scenario
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Some say that in life, you can’t take shortcuts. Sometimes, NBA teams try to take shortcuts.

Why not? Suppose there’s a well-known path home. If I know a quicker way, why should I avoid it? What’s wrong with a shortcut? 

Of course, there can be a downside to taking shortcuts too. If they impede on proper process, they’re problematic.

For example, if that shortcut involves cutting through someone’s backyard, you’re probably best to leave it for children. 

It can blow up in their face. At the same time, a rebuilding team can make an aggressive win-now move and see it pay off, too. 

Could the Detroit Pistons try to take a shortcut by acquiring Karl-Anthony Towns from the Minnesota Timberwolves this summer?