This Pelicans-Raptors Trade Is Built Around OG Anunoby

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The Toronto Raptors are at a crossroads ahead of the NBA trade deadline. They are a mediocre team with three players that are ideally suited to play the same position and are limiting the upside of each other the longer they play together.

Pascal Siakam has shown to be an All-NBA talent. Scottie Barnes is a recent top-five pick. The clear option here is to move on from OG Anunoby, especially with the apparent trade value that he’s established in recent years.

The decision to trade a quality player isn’t one that NBA teams take lightly. If that player is 25 or younger, it’s even more difficult. Front offices have a vision for their present and future. If a player is good and young, they’ll be hesitant to trade them. 

At the same time, if the team is underperforming, nothing is off the table. If the team gets an offer they can’t refuse, they may be willing to trade anyone. 

Again, the Raptors are underperforming this season. At 23-28, they could entertain any course of action – including an Anunoby trade. 

Here’s a deal that has them sending him to the New Orleans Pelicans.