This Grizzlies-Raptors Trade Is Built Around Pascal Siakam

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There will be a lot of eyes on the Toronto Raptors ahead of the NBA trade deadline. Many insiders consider them as the main team that front offices monitor. Could that include the Memphis Grizzlies?

No matter what NBA team you root for, you’ve got to respect the Grizzlies. Albeit, this team tends to ruffle feathers. The Grizzlies can be brash. If they get a big win, they’re going to celebrate it. 

Still, you’ve got to respect the way this team was built. The Grizzlies assembled this core almost entirely through the draft. Now, they’re clear contenders for the NBA championship. 

With that said, it feels like something is missing. If the Grizzlies want to really make a title push, they may have to compromise the purity of their rebuild and go get another star player. 

There are multiple players the Grizzlies should be monitoring as trade targets from the Toronto Raptors. While many are thinking that should be OG Anunoby (which would be a good choice), perhaps their sights should be set higher on Pascal Siakam.

Here’s a deal that has them doing exactly that.