This Kings-Raptors Trade Features OG Anunoby

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If you’re close to your goal, keep pushing. That’s how you achieve it. NBA teams need a second wind sometimes, too.

Let’s say you’re in a race. You’re exhausted. At the same time, the finish line is in plain sight. Find a second wind, and push. 

NBA teams may feel close to their goal, but if they don’t make a push, they may not achieve it. By now, the Sacramento Kings should have some lofty goals.

At 27-19, this team isn’t strictly bound to break their 16-year playoff drought: they might actually make some noise when they get there. 

If there is a big move to be made at the NBA trade deadline, the Kings could benefit from making it in order to maximize their outlook for not just playoff contention but title contention.

Could they make one last push by landing OG Anunoby of the Toronto Raptors?