This Knicks-Magic Trade Features Derrick Rose

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Why The New York Knicks Do The Deal 

For the Knicks, this is a lateral move. It’s unlikely that their fanbase will get too excited, or too angry about it. 

Largely, they’re doing it because Rose seems unhappy in New York. He’s lost his spot in the rotation due to the emerging play of Jalen Brunson. It’s been reported that the Knicks are working to find him a new home. 

They might as well welcome Ross on board in the process. In fact, the Knicks’ wing rotation is lighter than their guard rotation – they could actually find a use for Ross. 

After all, the Knicks are actually a winning team this year.

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Meanwhile, Ross is a solid floor spacing guard who can create his own looks when his number is called. He’d be a solid addition to this team. 

Contenders need veterans, too.