This Hawks-Pistons Trade Features John Collins

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Keep it simple, stupid. Forgive us. It’s a turn of phrase. We’re not saying you’re stupid. We promise. We’re simply saying that sometimes, there’s value in simplicity. The NBA is no different. For the game and for building a team.

A complicated solution may not be one worth implementing. This is a principle that NBA front offices would do well to keep in mind. 

For example, every trade doesn’t need to involve multiple players, picks, and pick swaps. Sometimes, a straight player-for-player deal is all that’s necessary. 

One team that could benefit from getting younger or taking on assets at the NBA trade deadline is the Detroit Pistons. Meanwhile, the Atlanta Hawks could stand to move on from John Collins’ contract.

Could there be a clear pathway to a potential trade involving Collins that sends him to the Pistons? There are a few pathways that appear to be mutually beneficial outcomes.

Let’s look at a trade scenario that does precisely that.