This Mavs-Raptors Trade Features Pascal Siakam

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Luka Doncic needs a co-star, and everybody knows it. Seriously. Go ask a casual NBA fan about the Mavericks.

You’re likely to get the same response: “That European kid is amazing. Who else do they have on the roster?”. 

By contrast, it’s harder to diagnose the Toronto Raptors. This team has an impressive collection of talent, yet at 20-26, it doesn’t seem to be clicking.

Perhaps that’s why observers around the league are suggesting that they could host a fire sale at the upcoming trade deadline. 

There are even some observers that have crafted trade ideas that would send Siakam to the Mavericks to be Doncic’s co-star.

Could the Raptors send Pascal Siakam to the Mavericks?