This Hornets-Warriors Trade Features James Wiseman

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NBA teams don’t invest in big men like they used to. 

For a long time, that was generally seen as foreshadowing the death of the NBA center. As it turned out, that was an exaggeration. There will always be a place for 7-footers in the NBA. 

Some of them simply got more skilled. Even then, there will always be a place for non-shooting, rim-protecting big men in this league too. They simply don’t earn the big bucks anymore – they’re too commonplace to be worth the investment. 

Apparently, the Golden State Warriors missed that memo. After all, this organization selected James Wiseman with the second overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft.

So far, that’s looking like a regrettable decision. 

Could they undo it by sending him to the Charlotte Hornets?