This Warriors-Wizards Trade Features Kristaps Porzingis

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Kids these days, am I right? It’s a tradition. Once you reach 30, you’re required to be excessively critical of anyone under 30. Whether it’s fair or not, these are the rules. NBA players are no exception.

It is fair to say that younger people can be difficult to work with. It’s not their fault. A lack of experience simply limits them. 

For example, look at the Golden State Warriors. This team has an interesting mix of quality veterans and young prospects. Unfortunately, those younger players are struggling to contribute to wins in 2022-23. 

With the way the Warriors thrive at playing out of the short-roll when Stephen Curry gets double-teamed near half-court, it would make a lot of sense to find a stretch-five. It would be even better if that stretch-five was a shot blocker.

The Washington Wizards may have an intriguing option ahead of the midseason deadline in Kristaps Porzingis. Given their lack of an outlook to contend in the Eastern Conference, it would be a logical option to pursue a trade for young talent.

Could the Warriors make a move for Porzingis?