This Cavs-Jazz Trade Features Malik Beasley

Malik Beasley, Cleveland Cavaliers, Utah Jazz, NBA Trade Rumors

If you’ve been watching the NBA in recent years, you’ve noticed the emergence of positionless basketball. 

Small-ball has been the dominant trend – until recently. Now, big ball is in. Realistically, both styles can be viable. Players are now judged by their skillset, not their position. 

Fours can be fives, and threes can be twos. For example, look at Malik Beasley. 

In the strictest sense, Beasley is off guard. Still, he can function as a wing if need be.

Beasley has the strength and athleticism to guard bigger players, and his floor spacing is valuable from any position. 

Meanwhile, the Cleveland Cavaliers need a wing. Could Beasley do?