Lakers Land Knicks’ Cam Reddish In Bold Trade Scenario

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Have you ever gotten something from nothing? That’s impossible, right? If you don’t have anything, how are you going to get anything? To sell an item, you need to own it. Sure. At the same time, it is possible to get more than fair value for something. Oftentimes, that’s exactly what NBA teams are trying to do. 

Other times, they simply can’t. Still, they may not be able to get something from nothing, but getting something instead of nothing has its own value.

For example, look at the New York Knicks. They aren’t using Cam Reddish, and he’ll be a free agent following the 2022-23 season. However, he was viewed as having significant potential as an NBA player. What kind of value can be achieved in a trade?

From the outside looking in, it does appear that Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau isn’t an easy player to gain opportunity from as a young player. Reddish simply doesn’t feel like the type of player he’d likely be to embrace.

One team that has a desperate need for a wing is the Los Angeles Lakers. It doesn’t hurt that LeBron James has ties to Klutch Sports Group, which represents Reddish. Could James help to salvage Reddish’s NBA career in time for a big payday?

Here’s a deal that has the Knicks getting something for him – instead of nothing.