Shaquille O’Neal Has Bold Plans To Buy, Run NBA Team

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It is hard to go a day without seeing Shaquille O’Neal as part of something. Whether it is as an NBA analyst or on one of the many commercials that he is in, O’Neal has become a fixture on television and in the media. He is a successful businessman and is hoping to get back into the ownership game.

O’Neal owned a small piece of the Sacramento Kings, which he purchased in 2013. However, earlier this year, he had to sell his stake because of a conflict with another business that he was part of. He would love to get back into the owner’s box, but this time, he wants to be more heavily involved in things.

One of the teams that O’Neal could have some interest in is the Phoenix Suns. O’Neal played for the franchise near the end of his NBA career and is going to be able to be purchased.

The Suns, and Phoenix Mercury, are up for sale as part of the fallout from the investigation into Robert Sarver. He wasn’t forced to sell the team or permanently suspended like Donald Sterling, but backlash from his punishment essentially forced his hand.

While O’Neal has not yet had any movement regarding owning the Suns, he made it clear that getting back into the NBA is something he would like to do.

“I haven’t had any discussions with my partners, so I can’t make the statement yet, but we’re still looking to be heavily involved in purchasing an NBA team,” Shaq told us.

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One of the things that will hold O’Neal back from purchasing the Suns is that he doesn’t want to bid against Jeff Bezos, who seems to be a friend of O’Neal’s and was interested in the Suns. However, Bezos has since turned his attention to the NFL and the Washington Commanders. Shaq was asked about his interest in an NFL franchise should it not work out in the NBA.

“Yeah, but this time around when I purchase a team, I want to be heavily involved. I would like it to be in a place where I’m living at. If it ain’t the Dolphins, the Cowboys, or the Raiders, and those teams are way too expensive for me, but my main man JB can write that check!”

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O’Neal’s net worth is approximately $400 million, so he can certainly be a partner in owning a sports franchise. He isn’t kidding around when he says that Bezos can write the check as the executive chairman of Amazon has a net worth of $113.8 billion.

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