Hornets Land Bulls’ Zach LaVine In Bold Trade Scenario

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Some debates will simply never end. Usually, that’s because the information that drives them is continuously changing. That’s true in the NBA too.

Some topics have been debated from the onset of the league to the present day. For example, we will always ask – who is the best backcourt in the NBA? 

The league’s history is full of elite guard pairings. Sometimes, it’s an elite offensive guard and an elite defensive one. Other times, it’s one of the league’s best scorers and one of the league’s best passers.

Either way, a dominant pair of guards can take a team on a deep playoff run. 

The Charlotte Hornets have half of that equation covered. LaMelo Ball is distinctly one of the best young point guards in basketball. However, as talented as Terry Rozier is, it would be hard to call him an elite running mate. 

Where would Charlotte’s backcourt rank if they added Zach LaVine?