This Knicks-Lakers Trade Features Cam Reddish

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Why The New York Knicks Do The Deal 

Who cares? Perhaps that’s a little cavalier of us – but honestly, who on earth cares? 

Reddish is all the way out of New York’s potential. They aren’t using him – in all likelihood, they never will. At this point, getting anything for him has its own value. 

Nunn isn’t the perfect target. He’ll be behind Jalen Brunson and Derrick Rose in the rotation. At the same time, acquiring him affords the Knicks an opportunity to move Rose.

Lately, it’s been suggested that he’s grown unhappy with his role behind Brunson. 

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Nunn should be happy with it. Even if the Knicks don’t trade Rose, Nunn is about as good of a player as they’re likely to get for Reddish.

At this point, the Knicks would just be clearing out the clutter. 

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