This Knicks-Lakers Trade Features Cam Reddish

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Everyone has clutter. Sometimes, it builds up. The New York Knicks seems to fit that more so than any NBA team ahead of the midseason deadline.

You’ve seen the show about hoarders. They’ve got a house full of stuff they’re not using. Yet, somehow, they can’t seem to part with it. 

NBA teams can’t afford to function in the same manner. If they have players on their roster that they aren’t using, they need to move them. Otherwise, they’re taking up a roster spot for no reason. 

By now, the Knicks don’t seem to have much use for Cam Reddish. In fact, he’s fallen out of their rotation entirely.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Lakers don’t seem enthralled with Kendrick Nunn, either. 

Could the two players change sides this season?