This Bulls-Raptors Trade Features Zach LaVine

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Sometimes, the margins between success and failure are thin. Success can be subjective and that can be the case in the NBA, too.

Some races have a photo finish. You may win by half an inch – that’s fine. You still won. Nobody is going to remember the extent to which you did so. 

The same holds true in the NBA. Sometimes, the difference between playoff seeding is only a couple of games. All told, it doesn’t matter – you either make the playoffs or you don’t. 

For example, the 13-12 Toronto Raptors haven’t won so many more games than the 10-14 Chicago Bulls.

Yet, if the season ended today, the Raptors would make the playoffs – and the Bulls wouldn’t even make the play-in tournament. 

Could the two sides make a trade this season?