This Knicks-Mavericks Trade Moves Derrick Rose To Dallas

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The Dallas Mavericks recently signed Kemba Walker to a one-year, non-guaranteed minimum contract. The team doesn’t sound too confident in the durability of the former NBA All-Star — leaving the need for a third reliable ball handler open.

Life is about knowing your role. If you can’t identify it and succeed in it, you’re not going to get very far. The same applies to the NBA.

Some get starring roles. They’re the focal point of what’s happening. Others find themselves in supporting roles. Just don’t make the mistake of minimizing their importance. 

The same holds true for NBA players. The NBA is the most talented basketball league globally, but everyone can’t have a starring role.

The league’s role players can still impact their team’s success. 

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At the same time, they still need a large enough role to feel valued. For example, look at Derrick Rose. He doesn’t seem content with what’s become a reduced role on the New York Knicks. 

It’s nobody’s fault. The Knicks acquired Jalen Brunson this summer, and who could blame them? Yet, Rose is right to feel entitled to a larger role, too. Could the Dallas Mavericks give him one?