This Lakers-Mavericks Trade Sends Tim Hardaway Jr. To L.A.

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The Los Angeles Lakers have been playing better as of late, but still could benefit from moving Russell Westbrook before the NBA trade deadline.

Even the league’s brightest stars can’t shine alone Yes, having an elite player is a key ingredient in building a championship team. It’s not the only one. They need a quality supporting cast that compliments their skillset. 

Just look at the Los Angeles Lakers. LeBron James remains one of the best players in the NBA. Unfortunately, the pieces surrounding him on the Lakers are simply not a good fit for him. 

By contrast, the Dallas Mavericks simply don’t have enough talent around Luka Doncic. Their roster construction is fine, but Doncic needs a co-star. 

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Meanwhile, the Mavericks are a bit low on the types of assets that could help them land one for him.

Here’s a deal that has them landing some from the Lakers.