This Lakers-Mavericks Trade Features Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, NBA Trade Rumors
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Sometimes, all you can do is go back to the drawing board. There are some teams around the NBA who may need to start looking at their plan B soon enough.

We’re talking about teams that have fallen short of expectations. We’re starting to get deep enough into this season that it’s fair to question whether they’re going to meet them. 

If they fell short last season, we’ve got even more data to work with. For example, look at the Los Angeles Lakers. They’re off to a rough start, and following an even rougher 2021-22, it’s safe to say this group can’t work together. 

By contrast, the Dallas Mavericks had a good run last season. However, at 10-11, they’ve been very disappointing in 2022-23.

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If they don’t turn things around soon, they may need to start considering some major changes. 

Changes like, for example, this blockbuster deal with the Lakers.