This Knicks-Pistons Trade Features Bojan Bogdanovic

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In the modern NBA, first-round picks are all the rage. 

Pick a blockbuster deal over the last couple of years. In all likelihood, a star player was sent to a new team in exchange for a bundle of them.

It’s fair to say they’ve become the currency of the modern NBA. 

Perhaps that’s why second-round picks are undervalued. Of course, striking gold in the second round is rare. On the other hand, it seems to happen more often these days than ever before. 

Everyone knows that Nikola Jokic and Draymond Green were second-round selections. Still, even gems like Patrick Beverley, Danny Green, and KJ Martin were picked in the second round.

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Teams across the league who are rebuilding would be well served to have some faith in their scouting department to unearth diamonds in the second round’s rough. 

Here’s a deal that has the Pistons landing a pair of second-round selections.