This Nets-Spurs Trade Features Jakob Poeltl

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Nobody said life in the NBA was easy. 

This is an intensely competitive league. Meanwhile, it has 30 teams. Only a small handful will be seriously in the running for the NBA title in a given season. 

Some hoped they would be, and by now, feel disappointed. The Brooklyn Nets are one of those teams. After a tumultuous summer, fans of this organization can’t be feeling secure about keeping Kevin Durant on the ost. 

Other teams expected to be bad and wanted to be. Teams like, for example, the San Antonio Spurs.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Jakob Poeltl, San Antonio Spurs & Brooklyn Nets Upates

In all likelihood, they’re eager to maximize their lottery odds ahead of a historic daft. At 6-15, they may actually wish they’d racked a few more losses up. 

Trading Jakob Poeltl could be a way to do so moving forward. Here’s a deal that sends him to the Brooklyn Nets.