This Jazz-Mavericks Trade Features Collin Sexton

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If you have a goal that you are passionate about, it’s easy to get tunnel vision. That’s true for NBA teams as well.

Sometimes, that can be problematic. Of course, it’s good to focus on a goal. At the same time, circumstances can change. Sometimes, your goals should change with them. 

Any given franchise starts a season out with a goal in mind. Sometimes, it’s to win – other times, it’s to maximize lottery odds. 

The Utah Jazz began 2022-23 with the latter objective in mind. At 12-6, they’ve fallen well behind that objective.

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Meanwhile, the Dallas Mavericks had win-now intentions for the season – they’d like to be better than 9-8 at this moment. 

Still, the season is long. Either one of these squads could head back n the direction they’d originally chosen. The following deal aims to set them both back in that direction.