This Spurs-Warriors Trade Features Jakob Poeltl

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It never feels good to give up on somebody. NBA teams need to make the same considerations.

With that said, sometimes you have to. Fool me once, etc. If you give someone enough chances and they continue to let you down, you may have to cut them loose. 

Once an organization drafts a player, they obviously want them to work out. Still, if that starts to look unlikely, they’ll eventually need to consider moving on from them. 

The Golden State Warriors may have reached that point with James Wiseman. Yes, he was the second overall pick in 2020, but he hasn’t lived up to those expectations yet.

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Meanwhile, the defending champions are struggling this season. 

If they want to give themselves a shot at retaining their title, trading Wiseman for some win-now help could be smart. Here’s a deal that has them doing exactly that.