This Bulls-Knicks Trade Features Zach LaVine

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Why The Chicago Bulls Do The Deal 

We couldn’t resist throwing Rose into this deal. 

Besides, his homecoming will get people in the stands if nothing else. Moreover, the Bulls could use some help at point guard with the oft-injured Lonzo Ball around. 

Assuming, that is, that the Bulls have win-now designs following this deal. They may. The Bulls owe their first-round pick to the Portland Trail Blazers with top 4 protection this year.

If they don’t want to play those odds, that’s reasonable – and acquiring a rim protector like Robinson should help them avoid doing so. 

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At the same time, this deal would give them a head start on a rebuild. They’re getting two players under 25 and a first-round pick: that’s a strong return. 

Whatever they choose, it’ll give us some idea of who they really are.