This Hawks-Suns Trade Features John Collins

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Why The Phoenix Suns Do The Deal 

The Suns do the deal to get the best player involved in it. 

Make no mistake: that’s what Collins is here. He may not be as stout of a defender as Crowder, but he’s a generally more impactful player. 

That’s especially true on offense. Collins is an elite athlete with an outstanding vertical leap. He’s also a quality floor spacer. That means he can roll or pop out of pick-and-roll sets and be a threat in either action. 

Pairing him with Chris Paul is especially enticing for that reason. He may be the all-time master of the pick-and-roll.

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With the Suns gearing up for a deep playoff run, this talent upgrade makes obvious sense for them. 

If all goes well, it should help them to avoid future rumors.