This Hawks-Suns Trade Features John Collins

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Why The Atlanta Hawks Do The Deal

Trae Young is one of the best offensive players in the NBA. He’s also one of its worst defenders. 

The Hawks seem to know this. After all, they traded for Dejounte Murray to cover up his deficiencies this summer. So far, the results have spoken for themselves: the Hawks have been a much improved defensive team in 2022-23. 

That doesn’t mean continuing to cover for Young isn’t wise. In win-now terms, that’s the point of this deal for the Hawks. Crowder is a better defensive player than Collins. 

Of course, Collins is younger and more offensively gifted. That’s why the Hawks get a first-round pick here as well.

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All told, it’s got them moving a player for another who fits their roster more cleanly, and some future-focused capital. 

Is this as obvious of a move for the Suns?