This Knicks-Suns Trade Features Julius Randle

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For some time in the NBA, people thought the center position would die. 

It didn’t. Instead, it evolved. Today, centers shoot, dribble and make plays for themselves and others. Arguably, more skilled players play the position now than at any time in NBA history. 

Instead, it was the traditional power forward who died. We don’t see fours post up underneath the basket anymore. Modern NBA teams often run an extra wing at that position. 

Just look at the Phoenix Suns. They started Jae Crowder at the position – until Cameron Johnson emerged as a better 3-and-D wing.

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Meanwhile, the New York Knicks start Julius Randle. He’s closer to a traditional 4, but he’s still more of a perimeter playmaker than the power forwards of old. 

Could those two teams exchange 4s this season?