This Mavs-Nets Trade Features Christian Wood

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Sometimes, people rush to make judgements. We do the same when it comes to NBA players.

It’s a bad habit. You may get 5 minutes into a movie and feel bored. Stick it out. For all you know, it’s going to be your favorite film by the time it’s over. 

When one is in a slump, some people will always be quick to write them off. Often, they’ll make us look foolish for doing so. 

Take Ben Simmons. To begin 2022-23, he was reaffirming the beliefs of his doubters. Simmons looked, as the kids say, “washed”. Recently, he’s been playing at a much higher level. 

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In fact, he’s been playing so well that the Nets might want to consider landing a player who compliments him.

Here’s a deal that has them acquiring Christian Wood of the Dallas Mavericks.