This Hornets-Lakers Trade Features Terry Rozier

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Negotiations can be tricky. Sometimes, they stop dead in their tracks. Other times, they can be worth revisiting. The same applies in the NBA.

You may offer somebody a deal, and they decline it. At that moment, it may not make sense to them. If their circumstances change, why not offer it again? 

NBA teams often find themselves back at the same bargaining table, too. Perhaps a team wants to see its core together before they make a big move.

If it doesn’t look good, they may be willing to revisit discussions. 

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Terry Rozier, Charlotte Hornets & Los Angeles Lakers Updates

The Los Angeles Lakers should surely be open to a major trade by now. For that matter, so should the Charlotte Hornets. These two clubs were rumored to be talking about a deal at the beginning of the season. 

Here’s a trade that has them finalizing their negotiations.