This Hornets-Knicks Trade Features Gordon Hayward

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Every NBA team wants a top 10 player. Not every team can have one. 

After all, there are 30 teams in the NBA. We are not professional mathematicians here at NBA Analysis. Still, something doesn’t add up there. 

Sometimes, teams opt for depth instead of a superstar. It is admittedly difficult to build a champion that way, but you can still put a component team together with a number of good players. 

For example, look at the New York Knicks. They don’t have a top 10 player.

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Still, adding Jalen Brunson to a group featuring Julius Randle and RJ Barrett has them looking much improved from last season. 

Could the Knicks look to facilitate further improvement by landing another near star?

If so, here’s a deal that has them landing Gordon Hayward.