This Kings-Lakers Trade Features Trey Lyles

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Sometimes, an event is widely anticipated. That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Some NBA events are the same way.

If you’re too young to remember Y2K, god bless you. This writer is not. For context, the world was supposed to start ending on January 1, 2000. Allegedly, the world’s computers would not be able to compute the change. Twenty-one years later, we’re ok. 

Everyone thinks they’re going to happen, and they just don’t. For example, everyone is anticipating a Russell Westbrook trade at the moment. 

With that said, the Lakers would have to surrender draft capital in order to move the former MVP. It would be a hefty price to pay. If this front office is unwilling to pay it, they may make a smaller move in an effort to improve. 

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In that event, they would likely target a role player who compliments Westbrook.

Here’s a deal that has them doing so by acquiring Trey Lyles from the Sacramento Kings.