This Celtics-Heat Trade Features Duncan Robinson

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Some say that too much of anything is a bad thing. Look at apples. Apples are good for you! On the other hand, there must be a certain number of apples that would be too many to eat in one sitting. NBA teams can have too much of a good thing too.

For example, they can have too much ball handling. After all, there’s only one ball: if you have too many ball handlers, you’re wasting somebody’s abilities. 

We’re not saying the Boston Celtics have too many ball handlers. Still, between Malcolm Brogdon, Marcus Smart, and Derrick White, there is some redundancy.

If they wanted to move one of them for a different type of player, that could be sensible. 

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For example, they could target a movement shooter like Duncan Robinson.

Here’s a deal that has the Celtics bringing him into the fold.