This Magic-Thunder Trade Features Mo Bamba

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If you follow the NBA, chances are, you’ve got an opinion about tanking. 

Almost everyone does. In case you’ve somehow stumbled onto this page and don’t know what tanking is, it’s basically the process of losing games on purpose. The idea is to exploit the NBA’s lottery system in an effort to acquire elite young talent. 

Obviously, some people take issue with that. Losing intentionally does go against the competitive spirit of the league. On the other hand, as long as the lottery system exists, teams will take advantage of it. 

At least, they’ll try to. Sometimes, tanking is harder than it sounds. For example, the Oklahoma City Thunder were supposed to be tanking the 2022-23 season. At 3-3, they don’t appear to be heading in the right direction to do so. 

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By contrast, the Orlando Magic were likely hoping to take a step forward. At 1-6, that’s not looking very likely either.

Could these two young teams make a trade this season?