This Lakers-Magic Trade Features Russell Westbrook

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Experience is an asset. More often than not, youth is a disadvantage. The same holds true for NBA teams.

Ironically, most of us wish we were younger. At the same time, how many of us actually remember what it’s like to be young? Life is harder when you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing. 

Generally, young teams are not expected to win a lot of games in a regular season. If they flash potential, that’s enough for their fanbase to get excited about. 

The Orlando Magic have certainly flashed potential this year. In particular, Paolo Banchero has looked the part of a future superstar.

Still, the team is off to an 1-5 start. By all appearances, this team won’t be breaking out into the playoffs in 2022-23. 

If that’s true, shouldn’t they get off of some contracts and gain some assets? Here’s a deal that has them doing so – and landing Russell Westbrook in the process.