This Hornets-Lakers Trade Features Terry Rozier

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Human beings have a funny way of delaying the inevitable. Why do we do that? NBA teams seem to do the same quite often.

After all, the inevitable is…inevitable. Perhaps you have a debt you don’t want to pay. You’d rather go on the cruise. Fair enough. At the same time, when that boat docks, you’ll still have the debt, right? 

The Los Angeles Lakers seem intent on delaying the inevitable. The entire NBA-watching world has expected them to trade Russell Westbrook for quite some time.

Apparently, the Lakers want to give this season 20 to 25 more games, and accumulate a larger sample size, before they take action. 

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We’re left wondering why the 2021-22 season doesn’t count toward their sample size. Frankly, it’s obvious that Westbrook doesn’t fit with this roster.

The Lakers need to bite the bullet, accept reality, and trade the former MVP. 

Here’s a deal that sends him to the Charlotte Hornets.